Robyn Brugh

At first glance, the requirements of being a mum and a PR professional are poles apart; however, I’ve come to understand that there are many skills and qualities that apply to both.

Clear and concise communication, strong time management, creative problem solving, a flexible approach to the task at hand, a willingness to look at an issue from various angles and a tendency to operate effectively whilst juggling multiple balls in the air: all these are skills I have honed over the eleven years that have passed since taking on these roles.

I joined NSPR when it was still known as Niki Schuck PR, but my professional relationship goes back even further, starting with House of Travel’s marketing team, where I worked for five years. As their Retail Marketing Manager, I was involved in the creation of tactical and brand advertising campaigns, product brochures and House of Travel’s in-house “Inspire” magazine, which we nurtured and eventually handed over to be professionally published and sold on magazine racks throughout New Zealand. During this time, I also managed regional PR for House of Travel outlets and supported the PR department in providing media training to many of House of Travel’s owner-operators.

NSPR has a strong pedigree within the PR world, thanks to an incredible bunch of people with the ability and genuine desire to forge strong, lasting relationships – it’s a team to which I am proud to belong. I’m happy to bring my strengths to the NSPR stable: these include dedication, creativity, tenacity and the ability to approach any situation calmly and with a sense of humour.

What else you should know about Robyn

  • My two awesome kids, Sophia and Toby, manage to push my buttons and delight me every day – at times simultaneously!
  • Born and bred in the beautiful Rangitikei, I still consider myself a country girl at heart
  • I love to write, but I love to read even more
  • I wish I had more time to play the piano
  • I have recently discovered the joys of CrossFit as a way to keep fit and de-stress
  • I’m a little bit fanatical when it comes to spelling and grammar