Amanda Steunenberg

Phone: +64 21 0726 069


As part of my Bachelor of Communications at AUT, I travelled 17,850km to Aarhus in Denmark, studying Corporate Communication. My time at the Danish School of Media and Journalism (DMJX) was heavily focused on international communication, corporate social responsibility, risk management and social media.

After completing my study exchange, I still had a year left of university and a fired-up passion to test the skills I had recently developed. This propelled me to search for a company where I could put these new-found skills to use, so when NSPR hired me as an intern you could say I was more than thrilled.

Now working as a full-time contractor, I get to spend my days working alongside passionate, dedicated people, for a company that makes me feel valued. I am loving working with NSPR and strive to utilise my creativity through fresh ideas.

What else you should know about Amanda

  • I consider myself a bit of a kickass chick – literally. I ranked orange belt in Karate before pursuing kickboxing and now boxing
  • I fell in love with the Middle East after travelling through Israel
  • I have been to 5% of the world but plan on tripling that
  • Performing runs in my blood. The largest crowd I have performed in front of was 2,500 people
  • I am often regarded as ‘the walking jukebox’ by my peers
  • Being a creative mind, I have written and recorded my own music
  • After living in the country for merely a week, I found myself being interviewed live in studio on national Danish radio