As far as we are concerned nothing is off the table and we will keep asking the questions until we are 100% satisfied we’ve done right by our clients.

Spend is one aspect
Yes we want to get you a great deal, but that’s not just a discounted rate, it’s also about leveraging our PR, event and talent management skills in the discussion with media.

Proactive approach
A truly integrated campaign requires a thorough understanding of the target, an inquisitive mind and a dogged proactive attitude.

Reverse the thinking
It’s not about what is on offer from the media, it is about what you need as a client

NSPR approaches media buying from a different angle. Importantly, we understand how media work from a content perspective as well as commercially. Our ability to build strong relationships over a number of years enables us to work magic with media for the benefit of our clients.

Media Buying services that we can provide:

  • Campaigns
  • Social media campaigns
  • Integrated PR and paid media campaigns
  • Influencer and blogger campaigns
  • Artwork creative

“In all of our years dealing with NSPR we have found them constantly to be one of the most proactive PR, communications and media buying companies in the market. They’re also the toughest in terms of getting the best bang for buck for their clients but in a way that provides total focus on what they are trying to achieve whilst also providing value for a target market.”

Andre RowellM2 Editor

“I have had the pleasure of working with NSPR for almost a year. The team are so approachable and have a world of knowledge. They are always open to new ideas being sent through as they look for the perfect alignment for their clients with our Bauer brands. They are proactive, have amazing communication skills and clearly understand the importance of relationships. I would recommend NSPR to any brand striving for the best results with their PR and advertising.”

Sunny HumphriesAccount Manager, Bauer