Getting to know sports broadcaster Marc Peard

Marc Peard

Sports mad Marc Peard is up at the crack of dawn every weekday morning on Radio Sport Breakfast, alongside his co-hosts Nathan Rarere and Kent Johns. The broadcasting veteran and proud Dad and Stepdad of three kids loves all things sport – becoming known as an American Sports specialist.

Marc is the guy you want on your pub quiz team if you can get him off his nightly exercycle while playing Playstation at the same time. A terrible golfer who makes a ‘mean’ spag bol for the kids, Marc is a lively and entertaining MC.

Marc is an ambassador for the Unicorn Foundation.

Available for:

  • Master of Ceremonies (MC)
  • Voice overs
  • Commentating
  • Public speaking

Here’s your chance to learn more about one of New Zealand’s leading sports broadcasters:

If you could have dinner with three sporting legends, who would they be and why?
Le Bron James – it’s one thing to be good at basketball but it’s a whole other thing to be a great person.
Brett ‘the Hit Man’ Heart – this wrestler was my childhood idol and influenced who I was as a kid. I grew my hair like him, wore the pink glass like him and did the sharp-shooter wrestling move just like him.
Joey Chestnut – he’s a professional hotdog eater and to be honest I just want to see that live.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?
I met my real dad for the first time when I was 35 years old – it was the most bizarre turn of events that didn’t end up where I thought it was going to. It’s a Woman’s Day story in the making, possibly a Netflix mini-series – stay tuned!

Describe the biggest on-air blunder you’ve made and how you saved yourself?
Most days I blunder, it’s my Gisborne education and fortunately mostly people just feel sorry for me. It’s a blessing I don’t operate heavy machinery.

What’s the most memorable sporting event you’ve covered and why?
I have two:

  1. The 2015 Rugby World Cup final at Twickenham, Beauden Barrett’s little chip kick that sealed the All Black’s third World Cup win.
  2. Following the Breakers pre-season game with the Phoenix Suns, I was in the changing rooms interviewing some of the Phoenix Suns’ players. From the corner of my eye I was completely distracted by Josh Jackson who was less than a metre from me butt naked drying himself. That was memorable for all sorts of reasons but mostly because he then presented me with the shoes he’d just worn from that pre-season game – fortunately for me I can relive it over and over as it was caught on video – him giving me the shoes, not him drying himself…

What’s one sporting event on your bucket list to attend and why?
I have two…again!

  1. Superbowl! I love the NFL because it’s the one sporting event people know about, without necessarily knowing anything about the sport.
  2. The Warriors in an NRL Grand Final in Auckland’s new downtown stadium – just imagine that for a moment.

What has been the most defining moment in your career and why?
The moment I chose to leave ZM; New Hot Guy disappeared, and Marc Peard had to step outside his comfort zone and truly grow his career in a new city. It was about not taking the easy road but finding out how far I could actually go and creating a career I could be proud and passionate about.

Who has had the greatest influence on your career (or life) and why?
Life – Graham and Sue, who adopted me at three years old – they taught me about the greatest gift – unconditional love but also how to work hard, how to tackle a sheep and then translate that into a person on a rugby field.
Career – Grant Kereama helped steer me in the right direction and was a real rock to me when I left the family farm in Gisborne for life as New Hot Guy on ZM in the big metropolis of Wellington.

If you weren’t a radio host what would you be doing and why?
I love sport and when I attend sporting events I can’t help thinking, “is this a good experience for the fans? How could this be done better”. Is there such a thing as the Director of Fun at Sporting Events? That would be me.

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